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Give plastic a new life

Our recycled weather protection



It is time for us to go one step further. That’s why we are developing innovations that make a difference to our sustainable products.

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With Texapore Ecosphere, we are offering the first 100% recycled membrane! It is manufactured from remnants which result from the production process.

How many will we manage this winter? We’ve given millions of PET bottles a new lease of life over the past months!

Light as a feather without using feathers? Of course! We fill our Microguard Ecosphere products with recycled synthetic fibres.

Over 150 JACK WOLFSKIN products are already manufactured up to 100% with recycled materials.*

* applies to outer fabric, membrane, insulation materials and lining. This excludes natural materials such as cotton and accessory components like zips.

We consider the topic of sustainability to be a matter of course. That’s why we are continually striving to reduce the negative impact on mankind and the environment when developing new products and technologies.

Daniele Grasso
Director Apparel
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The first 100% recycled membrane

Your triple protection: three times as sustainable, three times as strong. The Texapore Ecosphere collection features outer material, membrane and lining which is 100% recycled.

Texapore product

Texapore Ecosphere

Texapore graphic

Texapore Ecosphere

1. The outer material

The outer material consists of 100% reused materials and is completely PFC-free.

2. The membrane

Zero waste. Our membrane is manufactured from the remnants which result from the membrane production process. That way, there is no waste.

3. The lining

The lining of our TEXAPORE ECOSPHERE jacket is made from 100% recycled material too and certified according to the Global Recycling Standard.

100% warm,
100% recycled

Since autumn 2018, our fleece jackets made with Nanuk Ecosphere have been made of 100% recycled material.

Nanuk graphic

Nanuk Ecosphere

Nanuk product

Nanuk Ecosphere

When it comes to thermal capacity, the Nanuk Ecosphere is in no way inferior to the traditional fleece jacket. The only difference: it is made from 100% polyester and is therefore the most durable fleece material in our collection.

Synthetic filling from 100% recycled polyester

There’s no need to compromise! Insulating, sustainable weather protection is good for both you and the environment.

Microguard product

Microguard Ecosphere

Microguard graphic

Microguard Ecosphere

Performance meets sustainability: You will be amazed at the excellent heat retaining capabilities of Microguard Ecosphere. The artificial filling is fast-drying and made of 100% recycled polyester.

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